CAREER JOB LISTINGS and Other Positions

WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK?  Check out the following areas, with openings in vartious locations.

 The Moravian       Wine Bar

     The Czech        Beer Hall

  The Brewery

  The Slavonic



The Czech Beer          Garden

 The Slovakian


As our involvement with Czechoslovak Landmark sites grows, we will certainly be looking for help in many related areas.

Please check back with us periodically as positions will be offered. 

At this early stage of our work (we are only one year old.   .  .  Yea!) .  .   we just don't yet have all our marbles rolling together.  We feel very lucky to have already attracted some highly qualified talent (see our Leadership page) that is now generously contributing to our initial start-up.

List of Regular Positions Needed  -  will be listed as need approaches. Please check back.

List of Volunteer Opportunities Needed  -  volunteers will be considered for income positions as they become available with a completed application

Volunteer Opportunities

Landmarks Site Hunters  -  Have Camera Will Travel !

From the southern most county in Florida to the  northern most county in Alaska, from Yukon to Nova Scotia, we can benefit from the help of volunteers who will snoop around, turn every stone, then FIND and PHOTO the LANDMARKS left by Slavonic immigrants.  We will post your picture with your find on our website, and enter you into an annual contest. Send us a good photo up-front and join our VOLUNTEER TEAM!