American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Society

Executive Committee of
Six Officers

The Executive Committee composed of six Officers is authorized to plan, direct, and execute all operations of the Landmarks Trust, within the rules, directives and guidelines of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors, and all Board of Director approved Manuals of Operation

The International
Board of Trustees

The International Board of Trustees has the central purposes to

1 keep the organization focused and true to its mission,

2 to give advice as to Czechoslovak historic and synchronous ethnic and cultural authenticity,

3 to support contact, understanding, education and exchange between the ethnic and cultural homelands and the diaspora,

4 to further and to protect the Czechoslovak and Slavonic landmarks, immigrant history, cultures, music, languages, and heritage in America and

5 to oversee the selection, election and decisions of the Board of Directors, as well as all organizational leadership decisions, in the pursuit of protecting and promoting that mission and those mandates.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the authority of direct oversight and management over all operations, policies, programs, projects and activities of the Executive Committee of Officers and all staff and personnel of the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust, within the limits set by the Bylaws and by the mission-focused guidance of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors directs the business operations and management of the corporation, in contrast to the Board of Trustees which insures faithfulness of the work and policies of the Board of Directors, as well as all Personnel, Staff and Officers, to the mission and to the ethnic, cultural and artistic direction of the organization.

 This page offers a brief introduction to our governing bodies , their funtions, and our leaders. 

The 4 Joint Standing Committees

The Joint Standing Committees, with joint Trustee and Director participants, foster interaction and links of communication and promote understanding between the two governing Boards: Trustees and Directors, and are the Research / Advisory teams essential to reconnaissance and organizational key functions fulfillment.


The College of Trustees is composed of all Trustees: Associate, full voting Trustees, and Trustees Emeriti, who are in good standing. It has the purpose of building cohesion and communication, among all Trustees and the full organization, providing full Trustee decisions when called for, providing a resource of knowledgeable volunteer leadership, and ensuring proper recognition of the valuable contribution that long years of life experience add to our culture, understanding, and wisdom. The College of Trustees has one official assembly annually, in mid-year. Its primary administrative and organizational team is the Trustee Support Joint Standing Committee (TSJSC) and staff, with full support of the Executive Committee and staff.


Until the organization reaches financial maturity, we need a small, focused leadership team to "get things set-up."
That is exactly the role of one of our important standing committees: The Trustee Support Joint Standing Commitee

As the name implies, it is JOINT: both TRUSTEES and DIRECTORS serve on this Committee. Below we wish to introduce

our dedicated and supportive


Dr. Dwight George Šulc, Chairman, Board of Trustees. After dedicating two-and-one-half years to legal research and writing for the new Bylaws of our organization, Dr. Šulc, a longtime professor of law and business who has taught university courses all over the world, including the Czech Republic, Romania, and, in the Ukraine, assisted an academic institution's administrative side,. as well as teaching graduate courses in Asia and the USA. He has always girated to the people as evidenced in his founding of the Council of Confederated Neighborhoods of America, giving neighbors hope of stronger local control.

E. Elaine Schuster, Director Emeritus.

Awarded accolades ove her long legal profession many times, Elaine has always provided an important backbone of support and

moral guidance.

Jakub Hora, Director ex officio. representing Divadlo Alfa of Plzn, Czech Republic

As the Executive Director of one of the largest and most established professional Marionette Theatres in all of Europe, Jakub, and Divdlo Alfa have always been key advisors.

Marketa Hubena, Trustee.

With a background and experience in hotel management, her expertise is most important to our goals.

Camille Ambrose Gresham,

Trustee Emeritus.

With a long family heritage from Czechoslovakia, and a patient dedication and helpfulness, her support has been most valuable, and we hope will continue for many years.

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