OUR VOLUNTEERS     Monthly Meetings and Locations

The mission of the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust  Society is to protect, preserve and promote Czechoslovak landmarks and the Slavonic Cultural Heritage in North America, so the future may learn from the past.

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OUR VOLUNTEERS     Monthly Meetings and Locations

COUNTY                         CITY                             LOCATION                                       MEETING DAY / TIME

Oklahoma, OK        Oklahoma City          Buffalo Wild Wings                       2nd weekend  every Mo

                                                                      4130 NW Expressway                  SAT 7pm on even months


                                                                                                                                SUN 7pm on odd months


Decatur, KS              Oberlin                       to be arranged

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We will teach how to successfully plan and follow through with organizing YOUR first trip to Europe.

We will also discuss our several fun programs.

Ask at the front desk for location of our table.

Each participant is responsible for their own tab.

No work! Just a pleasant discussion and learning!

See you there!