CAREERS at the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Foundation

Our Home Office is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our work takes us all across America. The American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Foundation is a not-for-profit educational institution that develops and operates Czechoslovak and Slavonic Cultural Centers, searches for, catalogues and protects landmarks, and seeks to develop economically viable  cultural centers, and develop, support, and operate cultural activities representative of the Czechoslovak and Slavonic cultures represented in America by tens of thousands of Americans of Czechoslovak heritage.

With our Cultural Centers we hope to offer 21st century conveniences with classic Czechoslovak historic character. We seek to develop hotel properties with classic historic taverns, restaurants, and retail shops that make the most out of our guests visits while pursuing our educational mission. We seek to locate these Slavonic Cultural Centers around or near existing historic Czechoslovak landmarks when modern economic realities permit, and in modern financial centers when  our analysis shows this to be practical, productive and profitable, and helpful for the furtherance of our overall educational goals.