OUR HISTORY           American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Society


Our mission is to give to future generations, of all ethnic backgrounds, greater appreciation of their own heritage by example: by preserving, protecting, and returning North America’s Czechoslovak landmarks into living participants in the modern cultural life of the communities where they are found, through real estate acquisition and management, construction of culturally accurate complementary facilities for development of historically accurate cultural centers, and with renewed bonds to the cultures of origin through international exchange, travel programs, genealogical and family research, and traditional programs of trades, language and the arts.

Founded in 2017 after a decade of planning and three years of legal and structural design development, the ACzSLTS has already placed one historic Czech Hall on the National Historic Register and foresees addressing the  protection and revitalization of dozens more historic Czech and Slovak landmarks  across North America.  

The mission of the Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust is to preserve, protect and promote Czechoslovak landmarks and the Slavonic cultural heritage in North America, so the future may learn from the past.


With more than a quarter million Oklahomans of Czechoslovak heritage, more than one million Texans of Czechoslovak heritage, tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians of Slovak heritage and an equal or larger number in Ohio, and moving westward, an additional several million American midwesterners of Czecho-slovak heritage, from Kansas to Chicago and more from Alaska to Florida, with hundreds of historic landmarks, including tree covered country cemeteries and historic Czechoslovak community meeting halls in need of care and preservation, the need for the service of the Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust is clear.