at the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Society

KIDS Programs.     

     Keep an eye out for our CHILDRENs' TRAVELING EDUCATIONAL MEDIEVAL FAIRE now in early stages of development.

     The Marionette Wagon will travel to schools and may grace the Children's Medieval Fair as well.

     The Folk Dance Playground  is an integral part of the history, life and joy of our Czechoslovak cultural tradition. It is        also integral to our planned events where we have programs inside our landmark halls.

Youth Programs     

     Volunteer help from youth is a critical element for our events calendar.

Student Research & Intern Programs

          Due to popular demand we are opening the Student Research & Intern Program so any registered student can use our organizational model to help fulfill the student's classroom work. We already have two Interns still working on their basic course work, but who now use our model and management support to accomplish their own degree related work. Course work is not limited to Czechoslovak ethnic matters. One of our Interns is using our business model to fulfill her BUSINESS HUMAN RESOURCES DEGREE credits by working with our leadership team to understand many elements of HR and prepare a course paper using this work.


Teacher Development Program

          In the same spirit as the successful "Colonial Day" for high school teachers sponsored by Colonial Williamsburg, we are looking for effective ways to further better understanding of Slavonic Culture in America's history.

Music Programs for Young Musicians     It's coming!