of the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Society

Unlike Director and Trustee positions, which are not salaried, the Officer positions involve selection criteria and hiring with salary. Until our organization has sufficient resources to pay these salaries ("financial maturity") we depend on the dedicated leadership of unpaid Directors and Trustees. Pending Officer hiring, and defined funds for full operations,  our Bylaws authorize the Trustee Support Joint Standing Committee (TSJSC) to fulfill the role of the Executive Committee.

The very important Trustee Support Joint Standing Committee (TSJSC) is composed
of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, assisted by up to two additional Trustees, and up to two Directors.

In this very early stage of our development, we are pleased to have voluntary, unpaid leadership through the Trustee Support Joint Standing Committee, whose members are:

Dr. Dwight George Ć ulc

Founding Incorporator,


Chairman, the International Board of Trustees,

In fulfillment of Bylaws Articles VII-2-a; VII-2-b-2

E. Elaine Schuster

Founding Incorporator,

Director Emeritus,

In fulfillment of Bylaws Articles VIII-2-a; VIII-2-c-4

The Executive Committee of Officers is authorized to plan, direct, and execute all operations of the Landmarks Trust, within the rules, directives and guidelines of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors, and all Board of Director approved Manuals of Operation. Specific authorization and duties shall include directives of the Board of Directors. A copy of the full Bylaws, sent by Email, may be obtained by request to this site: info@landmarkstrust.org.

                                       The six Executive Committee positions are:

                            VICE PRESIDENT                      PRESIDENT                       TREASURER


Camilla Ambrose Gresham

Trustee Emeritus

Czechoslovak-American heritage

In fulfillment of Bylaws Article VII-2-a; VII-2-b-3

Jakub Hora

DIRECTOR, ex Officio

in representation of DIVADLO ALFA, Plzn

In fulfillment of Bylaws Articles VIII-2-b; VIII-2-c-3

Marketa Hubena

Founding Volunteer,


In fulfillment of Bylaws Articles VII-2-a; VII-2-b-2