FRANCHISING and the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust Model

INVESTING in our Society projects means becoming an owner of an historic modeled Beer Hall, a European style traditional Beer Garden, or perhaps the matching and ethnically based bakery including the famous Kolače, or Czech sweet rolls, maybe your own hotel in the format of a central European Inn, or any other of our ethnic centered Cultural Center components. 

We will assist investors who wish to own and control only one, or a couple of components, or the entire package, based on the market analysis of the specific location.

Americans of Czechoslovak heritage may enjoy the rewards of furthering their own ethnic heritage, but ANY INVESTOR who wants to be part of a quality entertainment center utilizing the Czechoslovak and Slavonic ethnic heritage can benefit:

an ethnic restaurant centered on the Slavonic world, historic traditional European Beer Garden associated with the  highest quality European origins, on site brewery with backing from Czech, Moravian, and Slovak micro-brewers and major breweries, with which we cultivate regular contact and organize great European Tours, hotel services with a unique ethnic European character, a Wine Bar stocked with the best wines of Europe including the French, Italian, German, Iberian , and the best of the Slavonic vineyards, including the famous Slovenian and Slovak wines.  All of these component Business Units belong to our franchisable Cultural Center offerings under the American Czechoslovak Landmarks LLC model.

Finally, when you invest in the profit-making components of our franchise model, you will also be partnering with and gaining full support from the Non-Profit side of our Society: the Non-profit Cultural Programs and Entertainment of the American Czechoslovak Landmarks Trust. This includes the incredible theatrical life of the traditional European Marionette Theatre which has a 600 year tradition in Czechoslovakia, folk ensembles from all of the Slavonic countries, blended with the older Celtic roots which we today enjoy as the Scottish and Irish folk music and dance and the American Country and Western. In other words, we are all about the acoustic Folk Scene! These are powerful roots to build upon.

We invite you to contact us for an assessment and matching of your interests with our resources and targeted projects.   

Click on any of the subject photos below to visit our respective Business Unit. Each Business Unit is a part of the different components that make up our Slavonic Cultural Centers.

Whether you are an experienced American developer, a Russian trillionaire, or a Ukrainian billionaire, or a Slovakian millionaire, or simply an experienced restauranteur looking for a new niche,  we hope you will look us over, and grow with us!

 The Moravian       Wine Bar

     The Czech        Beer Hall

  The Brewery

  The Slavonic



The Czech Beer          Garden

 The Slovakian


   A Full Cultural  Center Model

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