Our International Board of Trustees

Liberation Festival     May 4-5

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"A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"  - so says a Chinese proverb. And the picture below is a fine example!

From the picture below we see that the BOARD of TRUSTEES is composed of members in equal number, from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and  North America. Their ROLE is to OVERSEE the Board of Directors, Officers, and Staff, to be sure that our MISSION is being followed. They are empowered to VETO actions of the organization that they feel are contrary to that MISSION. 

But there is much more to understanding the ROLE of the BOARD of TRUSTEES than just monitoring the faithfulness to our mission. 

Who are our Trustees?  They are well experienced professionals in their respective areas of the Czechoslovak Culture. They are carefully selected, mature (one qualification is the minimum age 35),  artists, arts managers, cultural leaders, business leaders, and leaders of all related areas, whose opinion is valued.

The Society offers these accomplished persons a venue of contact, both in their own country and internationally, and a venue for communication and exchange. 

Through our COLLEGE of TRUSTEES, composed of our active TRUSTEES as well as our TRUSTEES EMERITUS, who have reached the point of greatest experience and no longer are tied down to an active career activity, which offers the greatest breadth of experience, they enjoy a strong network organization.