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Česky Krumlov

Given the status by UNESCO, along with the great Prague Castle Hradčany, of "World Heritage Site", the Town of Česky Krumlov is built around the Castle and entertwined with the beautiful river Vltava. 

The Czech name Krumlov is documented as early as 1259 and relates to "a crooked meadow" which is a reference to the winding river Vltava at this location. 

Hotel with A Castle View

Within the Castle is the Kostel Svata Vita (in English: Church of St. Vitus) which dates back to the 15th century.

Our hotel nestles in the middle of the town with a view of the castle. When the hordes of tourists depart in the afternoon, we will enjoy a quieter evening in this romantic fairytale town.  Our Society enjoys membership and leadership from artists in the region and we may have them at our table for dinner after a suitable medieval musical performance  -  all the advantages of our non-commercial INSIDER's TOUR.

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